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Agroservicios S.A. is a service provider to the produce industry that gives technical assistance in the areas like field managment and good agricultural pratices, preharvest audits, quality control and assures proper certification of the produce.

Agroservicios also proviedes comercial and logistical procurment that allows our clientes to know up to date price indicationes, tendencies, and on time arrivals.

We provide solid supply base managment to the produce importers in diferent terretories.

We contribute in helping exporters with the nowledge/know-how of all the requierments the final buyer looks for. This way Agroservicios makes scheduld produce programs for our importers that are acually achieved with the exact quality and condition fruit they are looking for.



Av. Padre Hurtado Central 690 - Las Condes Santiago, Chile - Phone; +562 - 220 9600/ Fax; +562 - 220 844
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